our commitment to sustainability

the podangle phone stand is made out of recycled ocean bound plastic.

our plastic is procured and prepared for us through Oceanworks®, the global marketplace for recycled plastic materials and products. ocean-bound plastic is "material collected from communities with no formal waste management within 50 km of the shore line," according to Oceanworks®. our stands are made from recycled polypropylene, specifically sourced from ocean-bound collection areas in Asia. many single use products, such as straws and water bottle caps, are made from polypropylene, which are collected, ground and made into pellets for new products like podangle.

the plastic component of our stand is made entirely from this material. each podangle contains 16 grams of ocean bound plastic--which is equivalent to preventing 40 straws or water bottle caps from reaching the ocean!

our packaging is meant to be reused & recycled.

being "eco-friendly" goes beyond just using recycled materials in the product. it was important to us to include sustainable and minimal packaging. our shipper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and we use heat instead of ink for printing our labels. we encourage you to keep the envelope and reuse it to mail something else (we're talking to you, fellow fashion resale icons).

recycling your podangle:  

discard adhesive & put your podangle in the recycle bin. or, you can send it back to us and we will reuse the plastic. email us at for instructions info@podangle.com

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