sustainability information

We've compiled a list of podangle's current sustainability practices & our future goals. Sustainability has become quite the buzzword, and we want to break it down beyond just pasting the label by our name.

podangle® is more than just a phone stand, and we're working to create a community grounded in sustainability. More importantly, we want to create a community that is accessible to anyone. We hope to learn and grow alongside you!

Our phone stands are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic.

We launched podangle with the goal to make an impact - but not a wasteful one. This is how we decided to make our stands out of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Our plastic is collected by Oceanworks®, the global marketplace for recycled plastic materials and products. Ocean-bound plastic is "material collected from communities with no formal waste management within 50 km of the shore line," according to Oceanworks®. Our stands are made from recycled polypropylene, specifically sourced from ocean-bound collection areas in Asia.

Many single use products, such as straws, are made from polypropylene. Unfortunately, they are frequently not recycled.

The plastic component of our stands is made entirely from this material. Each podangle® stand contains about 16 grams of ocean-bound plastic, which is equivalent to preventing 40 straws from reaching the ocean!

Our packaging is meant to be reused & recycled.

Being "eco-friendly" goes beyond just using recycled materials. It's important to limit items that could be wasteful, like unnecessary packaging.

Our envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. We encourage you to keep the envelope and reuse it to mail something else (we're talking to you, fellow fashion resale icons).

Orders contain two inserts: imagery and directions. Both inserts are 100% recyclable.

We do not overproduce.

We're starting off with small runs, to limit overproduction. As a result, we also can get your insight: what colors you like and what design aspects will always be in style for you.

podangle® is a trendless item. It's a means to your creative direction, and you never go out of style.

future goals

We're just starting out, and our practices definitely aren't perfect. Transparency is our main goal, and within that, we've highlighted some specifics:

- Find a biodegradable or recyclable alternative to our current adhesive

- Donate a percentage of our profits to an ocean clean up organization

- Be part of community led recycling and ocean clean-up events

Reducing individual waste is one aspect of reversing climate change; however, collective action is what is truly needed. We hope to facilitate a non-judgmental environment where we can all learn and take action.